january 2018

what a month. it felt more like spring than anything else, but little did we know, snow was coming.

at the beginning of the month we continued our yearly tradition of seeing temple square lights after christmas… like on the day they turn them off. we like to live on the edge. in regards to food, i’m still cooking it up in tiny kitchen. another day, another pizza experiment. if your new years resolution is to eat more salad then i recommend this. also trader joe’s pizza dough is the best around. aaaaand, new year, new glasses. considering that i need them to see and they fall on the ground of hospitals frequently, i needed a cheap upgrade.

one weekend we went snowshoeing with some friends up at alta. it was so beautiful and actually felt like winter, something that we appreciated indeed. they’re getting married in march so it was fun to listen to brit’s wedding planning all while knowing that i won’t ever go through that again. phew.

and, january meant sundance! one of the best parts about living in utah is volunteering during the film festival. there are lots of perks and i just really love park city. this year i was on a theatre crew at the library theatre. that meant i spent my time telling people to follow signs and scoot in to the middle because it was going to be a full house. very fun. adults cannot follow directions. i saw lots of great films and a few big names. aaand i got the coveted volunteer jacket that is a big deal to no one other than sundance volunteers but i still wear it proudly… along with my geeky credential, pictured above. also isn’t thins the most picturesque view out the bathroom window??

mom came for a visit! i love seeing her. we went to settebello and saw the greatest showman. she slept on my couch and every time she has to sleep on that dumb thing i am more motivated to get a bigger place with a real bed for my poor mother. also i helped throw a bridal shower for britni! and i spent way too much time crafting this backdrop and making a banner that i should have just bought but thought i could be the DIY queen for once. it says love at first swipe. don’t worry, no one else got it either. but they met on tinder so at least the party girl thought it was funny!!! and a saturday spent in provo. i feel like such a granny every time i go there and i am among thousands of bright eyed bushy tailed college students. we went to pizza factory and ate carbs on sticks. does it get any better! tyler is modeling said breadstick.

besides that, i worked a lot and got some big news!!!!!

BYU rejected me from their NP program. lol.

i took it hard for a couple days but then decided it just wasn’t in the cards and continuing to work will be good for me and my resume. better days ahead!

we will end with my two best january creations.

my awful rat’s nest hair after working all week and living the bun life right before a good washing, and totchos.

totchos, you ask? tater tots with layers of cheese, beans, and soyrizo. with sour cream and guac. because sometimes you gotta clean out your fridge. try it!!!!!

a review of january.

meh i feel like i’m losing my blogging groove, but whatever i only get like two hits a day, so obviously people aren’t pining for my words. however, i do quite enjoy stalking my previous months every once in a while, so i’ve been brainstorming ways i can get myself to write more and take a few more photos… and, well, the photo365 app on my phone is helping quite nicely! basically it forces me to take a picture every day, and if i don’t it sends me a nasty notification telling me to GET ON IT. just what i need.

so here we are, at the end of the crappiest month of the year… but might i just say that this january wasn’t even bad?? sure it was freezing and i was flat broke, i slipped and fell a few times, i got deferred from plasma donation for like two weeks cuz of my low albumin levels (don’t ask) but i got to eat a lot of goat cheese and cook for myself, make new friends, and get in trouble for my immodest one piece swimsuit during an intertube waterpolo game. yep, you read that last sentence right. anyway, here you have my january compilation of photos and words. vscocam96

one of the best parts about being back in utah is being in a GYM!!!! oh how i love climate controlled workout facilities and spin classes with my crazy instructor who traded her barbie blonde wig for a more conventional brown bob, and ALL the kettlebells i want at my disposal always. now if only i could cough up the extra 70 bones a month to start taking the crossfit classes 😦

these are hung on my house all january long. these ones are actually pretty small, but make no mistake… most of the time they were HUGE and threatening to impale me when i walked out of the house. the sound of those things falling, along with sheets of ice off my roof, kept me inside. a lot.

moving means decorating, and decorating at this stage in life means going to DI and buying stuff. like this mirror for 3 dollars. not mad.

lentils and carrots and celery. my take on an old pilar staple. she makes it better than me, but cooking for myself has been such a JOY! i forgot how much i love searching out recipes and cooking meals. however, any weight i lost while in spain and living off of boiled vegetables has come back with a vengeance. heh. february resolutions?

i couldn’t be ALL mad about the snow, though. sometimes it was pretty.

i fell head over heels for goat cheese this month. like i buy a block a week and smear it on everything. it is especially good in tomato soup with chickpeas, spread over dates, and put on tacos. move on over, cows!

my cousin is a hardcore climber, and i spent some time scaling walls with him this month. it was awesome. i was so sore afterwards! one of my life goals is still to climb up the face of a mountain and sleep in one of those hanging tents one day.

also, being back with family i haven’t seen since summer called for many get togethers… and a lot of coloring, obviously.


just some photos of my cute cousins. they could care less about me, but i think they’re preeeeetty sweet.

hailey and i went to sundance. i already wrote about it. also, i spent a good week trying to find some glasses i like, since my old ones are, well, old, and make me claustrophobic. i’m still on the hunt, but these ones are in the running.

oh the richards building. this is where i spend 14+ hours a week split between mondays and wednesdays. i learn a lot about disease. i also enjoy watching divers and listening to the dancers clacking their tap shoes in the rooms across the hall. vscocam99again, the cutest baby cousin!

so my good pal brooke is a photo major, and she needed me to help her film a chase scene last weekend. we went up to salt lake, where i was chased by justin beiber, ran around sketchy alleyways, declined beers from guys on the street, and ended up peeing on the top story of a parking garage. oh, and all of this happened while it was BLIZZARDING outside. here’s brooke trying to clean off her windows so we could get some good shots of me driving and being stalked by beiber. we might have froze, but it was fun.

hi, temple! i try to go every thursday. so far, so good. also the same 90 odd year old temple worker always asks me the same question about what year i am in school and what my major is…. a few weeks ago he told me all about world war 2 and bombing the japs. it is a good time every week!

this has got to be my favorite picture i have ever taken. the other day as i was glazed eyes staring at my closet, i thought, “you know what? down with winter! you’re wearing white pants today!” and so i got dressed, walked outside, and realized i blended right into just about everything. my life.

as far as other things, i’m currently…..

reading: the night circus (audiobooks! yeah!)

watching: chocolat and finishing parenthood and walking dead

listening to: ellie goulding

eating: dates and almond butter.

the end! here’s to a february full of all things pink and sushi, getting out of spain debt, buying a juicer, and taking out the garbage once in a while.