march 2018

and i think a couple pics from february, too.

like these ones. i feel like i didn’t even get around to looking at my photos from spain until march, so here’s a couple more.

here are two pics that really encompass february and march fun times!!!!! me shoveling snow in my pajamas and tyler and i brushing our teeth in our matching shirts. our bathroom isn’t big enough for both of us to brush standing side by side, so maybe i had one foot in the bathtub in this pic or something. who knows.

contrary to popular belief, i still have a couple friends! here we are at the wedding of the century!! britni and clayton got married in march, and it was great. brit is one of my oldest and best friends and i am so happy for her. we both met our now-husbands on tinder the same summer (lol) so i have been invested in this relationship from the get-go. tyler is happy that i finally have a friend who is married to someone with a dirtbike.

aaaaand nurse friends going to see matinees on weekdays! haha. honestly the best friends a nurse can have are other nurse friends with the same whacked out schedule. we both use the same nurse scheduling app so we can see when each other are off and i live for the afternoons when i get the “what are you doing i’m bored” texts.

oh look, we are eating things. my mom sent theeee best peanut butter cookies from boise in our birthday package, and here we are sampling them… i don’t know. i find some pretty strange photos on my phone. the second is us and a nutella ice cream cone…. so good… if you’re in salt lake looking to upgrade from your mcdonald’s soft serve, normal ice cream in trolley square will do it for you. and then next we have toast. hummus, hard boiled egg, caper. toast is the best food. try it.

work. i’m still a nurse. here i am hiding in the bathroom away from my crazy patients and the call lights. with bunny ears because i am festive and it was easter sunday. aaaand guess what? i am finally on day shift! i will sort of miss these sunrises greeting me after a complete crap shift. they always gave me some semblance of hope.

and then march meant one thing- birthdays! i turned 27 and tyler turned the big 3-0. we didn’t take a single photo together but i did get some pics of him eating, so i guess that’s something. we went to hamachi for his birthday and provisions for mine. i spent my day not working (!!! woo hoo) and just going to the gym and catching up with friends. for tyler’s birthday i concocted a birthday surprise trip i will talk about in another post. the best birthday gift though for me was a letter from elder ball!

and that was march. looking forward to spring’s actual debut, getting outside, and sleeping normal hours.

may 2017

in may i was really feeling the spring spirit so i did everything i could to plant things and grow my own garden. it…. kind of worked? lindsay helped me pick things out and plant em, then it was my job to kill about 1/3 of them… one day it will work! also that last one of tyler just made me laugh really hard.

speaking of tyler, he finally found his calling in life! i know this because he comes home and lays on the ground and falls asleep before he can take off his boots. also here’s a picture of a pizza. lavash pizzas forever!! they look fancy and they take 10 minutes. my freshman roommate friends got together with all the babies. holy crap they have a lot of kids. cute ones, too. aaaaaand tyler was just really proud of the top knot he had crafted, so we had to snap a pic for our progeny. twinners!

one weekend i went home with britni while tyler went on a biking trip with his brothers. it was great to be in boise in the spring! llamas and hiking in the GREEN foothills was so great.

aaaaand a cool storm from my hike at ensign peak and some hammock time on a sunday afternoon. after a long winter of too much snow it was just nice to be outside. also this photo of tyler looking real uncomfortable in his hammock makes me laugh so hard but idk maybe it’s because i am writing this at 4 am.

and! here’s a couple pics from our saturday trip to red butte garden and a couple other utah museums. the flowers were pretty but the best part was just walking around with tyler and actually feeling the SUN!!!!! ps don’t let my pale skin blind you.

april 2017

april was great. my family came to visit for my cousin’s wedding, and kourtni got engaged to grant. it’s always great to see them, even if its just for an afternoon.

i did my best all month to try to will spring, but alas… it snowed. there were some gloomy outdoor runs, but seeing the green made me hopeful!!! also how pretty is city creek canyon in the spring?? so green, i feel lucky to live so close by. another thing i feel thankful for? anita and spitz!!! so happy to have my food buddy in town for an afternoon

tyler and i celebrated our one year of being together! time flies. we went to get gelato at the same place as our first date, dolcetti gelato. what a year it has been. i convinced tyler to buy a bike, so we rode all around town… and up a lot of hills. that’s what we get for living on capitol HILL i guess. the name doesn’t lie.

tyler also spent a lot of time wishing he had a garage. after two months of sleeping on a full size bed and waking up with numb extremities, we finally upgraded to a queen size bed and tyler built us a frame. look how soundly tyler is sleeping in the big bed! 😉 he also worked a lot on a motorcycle that ended up getting stolen from our yard. sigh… the joys of garage-less city living. speaking of garages, we ate lunch at the garage and WOW the funeral potatoes were unbelievable!! and double fisted diet cokes!

for easter, we went to boise to see my family. hiking, sightseeing, and fish and chips were apparently the highlights. we also we conned a primary child into taking our photo outside of church with my mom. good job, kid!


march 2017

what a month.

our first full month of being married! our first time celebrating our two-days-apart-birthdays, a trip to southern utah, a visit from family, a wedding open house, and some good weather. all around a good month!

once the weather started getting a little warmer, we decided to commence camping season, or as i like to put it, “camfire hair season”. we opted for a trip to goblin valley to do some slot canyon hiking for a couple days. i had never canyon hiked before, and it was a really great experience… beside some super scary descents i would have never been able to do without some spotting from tyler. we camped on the side of the road and i got to use my FUD (female urination device… yep, google it) for the first time since tyler got it for me for christmas. guys. can i just say that peeing standing up is super weird? another highlight of our trip? campfire nachos! honestly the best decision after a seven mile hike! it was a great trip. i can’t wait to get out and explore more of southern utah this summer.

and then the rest of everything else! some of the highlights were tyler starting a new job (see his excited selfie face a few rows down) as an electrician’s apprentice, the cherry blossoms at the capitol and just generally spring FINALLY coming, oh, and there’s a rare image of me in makeup with hair done. also here’s a few snapchat pics for good measure. in march we were OBSESSED with the OJ simpson trial series, hence the creepy tyler/oj mash up. (sorry for the pending nightmares.) we also ate a lot of good food dates… ie nielsen’s frozen custard and from scratch. their risotto cake is sooooo gooooooood.

oh, and you can’t forget our birthdays! since tyler and i are two days apart on the birthday front, we had a week of celebration (just kidding i totally worked on his birthday… real adult life womp womp). we went out for sushi for tyler’s 29th, and biked to greek food for mine… followed up with double fisting halo top ice cream, because we were pretty obsessed with it all spring.


and so continues my attempt to blog.

hey there. remember me? today is the first day of my third semester of nursing school. THIRD! THIRD! THIRD! this means i am over halfway done and i shall be a nurse by december. (fanfare, drums, applause, encores, kissing babies, etc etc etc)

it is safe to say that the last three months were probably most mentally draining and challenging of my life. nursing school is no joke. i would say these memes sum it up quite nicely.

nursing-school-is-easy-its-like-riding-a-bike-except-the-bike-is-on-fire-and-youre-on-fire-and-everything-is-on-fire-and-youre-in-hell-908a4 this-is-fine-meme

can i say i’m glad the madness of winter term is over? anyway. contrary to popular belief, i did stuff last semester amidst the crazy. here’s evidence. in fact, more and more i think this blog is just evidence that i do stuff. IMG_1977we ran a half marathon! well, i ran the half, these cooler ladies did the full. it rained the whole time but i PRed and looked like a mess doing it, which is the right way to do things, no?

IMG_4571 IMG_4572 IMG_4574

there was a lot of snow weirdness that happened this spring. it was incessant. but, sometimes, pretty enough.

one of my favorite nursing school coping mechanisms when i get stressed out is taking really repulsive photos of myself because it is hilarious to look back at when times are all good and dandy. this is me studying, marginally wanting to just end it alllll.

we redid our hole we call an apartment by adding **twinkle lights** and it is still ugly but at least a little bit less… dim? idk. again, just here to document the ridiculous life i live.

IMG_4588 IMG_4613 IMG_4618

again, snow. eliza and i on our winter trudge. like, LOOK AT THAT SNOW. i believe this was march but idk. i’m really just trying to block it all out and close that chapter of life, LET’S BE HONEST!


best place to study in the district. i think i’ve said it before. all the hot dads take their babies to the terrace and the conglomerate of them plus the million year old art curators conversing and drinking cheap wine from the gift shop it is really adorable

IMG_4966my study set up. look how organized i am. (lol this lasted one minute) the real star of this photo though is the nalgene bottle that looks like you should be peeing in it and those vanilla mints back there. seriously, best impulse trader joe’s buy. if you like vanilla and mints and happiness, get some.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetfriends with selfie sticks WE ARE MILLENNIALS HEAR US ROAR!

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetcasually passing time in a grocery store, waiting for the bus. this is how we live life.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetand then i turned 24 and changed my name to emily.

lol just kidding it was actually a joint birthday party and only half the banner fit in the frame but seriously, these are the best friends a girl could have. they planned a party and made me a playlist and somebody brought me a hot pretzel filled with nutella. i mean, honestly.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetand it sufficeth me to say that all the people i really like came.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetif you’re looking for the key to my heart, it is probably in the bottom of this tableside guac from oyamel.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetthis is hell’s bottom, the trendy barbershop i pass by every day feeling a little spooky at night. this is where i come and gawk at the bearded beauties cutting each other’s hair in shaw.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preseteating food we actually can’t reasonably afford.

Processed with VSCOcam with b1 presetoutside the mlk library.


why i cannot seem to land a boyfriend is lost on me given my affinity for fashion when riding to and from work/school/crossfit.


more running fun times to check out the cherry blossoms before the crowds took over with their ipads

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetthe charm is not lost on me!

IMG_5208 IMG_5230 IMG_5257

the pretzel bakery on capitol hill where you can buy aforementioned pretzels filled with nutella and other delectables. the joy on our faces here is REAL!

flowers outside my school. beauty like this in the face of such stress makes things a little more bearable.

my roommates were twins and they didn’t even know it. also, please take note of the wonderful lighting in this apartment, we are really blessed to be honest. (Lol)

IMG_5248  IMG_5260

the views of adams morgan and georgetown respectively on bike rides to and from who knows where.

IMG_5317 IMG_5327

hailey had a birthday!!! she is the best and please take note of the multicolored candles because they cost me AN ARM AND A LEG.

 IMG_5332 IMG_5335 IMG_5350

a one year anniversary trip to teddy roosevelt island one morning. folks, i have lived in this district for one whole year, you better believe it!

flower petals but i am pretending it is confetti for getting through another day of school.

big bear cafe patio is open and you can find me there, not ordering anything and stealing the free wifi. hehhhhh

 IMG_5340 IMG_5343

favorite ivy covered house on 5th street and kolby’s birthday that wasn’t actually a birthday but just an excuse to celebrate something.

 IMG_5351 IMG_5358

food pics because who do you think i am?? best bagel sandwich from big bear cafe pre-pharmacology final. I NEEDED THIS! I EARNED THIS! I chanted to myself with every single bite. (not a lot of bites did it take, i inhale food)

post-finals celebration dinner at zaytinya. one of the more meh DC meals i’ve had, but good nonetheless. good try, andrés.


bento box from teaism, which is my new favorite restaurant in dupont. GET THE SALTY OAT COOKIE DON’T ASK QUESTIONS, MAYBE GET TWO.

this is my face on easter after working like fourteen hours at founding farmers or something ridiculous. he is risen! people are getting smashed! IMG_5173this is probably my favorite photo i have ever taken of babies in dc. they ride by in their daycare cars oh so coyly as if to just say, “you can’t sit with us” in true mean girls fashion.

 IMG_5171 IMG_5156 Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

pretty spring trees! me hating life in my half marathon! tim taking me out to mexican food for dinner at el centro! i’m sick of typing! can you tell?

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

pretty golden hour views. empty buses are really creepy. say hello to me and my nursing shoe/leggings combo!

IMG_5009  Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

prettiest trees for spring in ledroit park. and YOURS TRULY WITNESSING BIRTHS! that is right, folks, this is me after watching birth via forceps, i know that you’re JEALOUS!

weekday snapshots

last week i finally bought a bike lock, meaning i can now take night rides freely around the city and use the bike lanes that i think were strictly made for ME

14092700768_38da8c4d43_bif there’s one thing i’ve learned in dc, it is maybe i should be the type of person who checks the weather so i quit getting caught in these crazy rainstorms. whatever this is just a good WORDLESS WEDNESDAY for you.
14299546913_23f8274241_bthursday night found us at “wok n roll” chinatown’s elite karaoke club… it was loads of fun also i am fairly certain it is a brothel at night.14092801247_d0fbf7cf8c_zberry smoothies make mornings better.14278891134_8ddd228478_bsometimes running through georgetown is sort of like a fairytale and other times it smells like fish and garbage
14092797387_0b23b11222_zwaiting for the metro and dressing like a kindergartener in the process. 14276024281_a637829bff_ztuesday selfie game: strong (and embarrassing but these fluorescent lights make me do crazy things)
14277304762_2a63c82239_bi ran to roosevelt island this week. it was cool to run around and island and forget about the city just across the potomac14092761488_4385bd1f89_band teddy’s statue! running and sending snapchats is one of my favorite past times. 
14256249796_d1f850ae00_bpotomac sunsets
14279361365_db0991244e_bgeorgetown in the distance as seem from key bridge
14279402145_67c35be380_bcutting through chinatown on my way to yet another senate meeting
14256240406_0d5db65c90_bwaiting on the train to come14279357905_b5b20b2ee3_b

have a good week, everyone!

april at a glance

school is now out, and i am completely relishing my F R E E D O M. it feels so good to come home from work and not have homework and tests looming over my head. ah summer! i’m actually starting some online classes soon… but giving myself at least a week to recuperate before diving into gen ed classes i should have taken years ago. (groan)

so april, yeah? it was great. in fact, i think april is quickly becoming one of my favorite months due to the new LIFE that just springs up out of the depths of winter. shedding a jacket for the first time has got to be among one of the best feelings ever, even if it is only 40 degrees outside. i swear- that first time you feel the sun on your back it doesn’t matter how hard the wind is blowing it is pure EUPHORIA! vscocam228 evy

so this month i ate a lot of green stuff. these are collard wraps i concocted filled with quinoa, tomato, avocado, garlic, chickpeas, and loaded with salsa. not bad…. but ice cream still tastes better. // speaking of things that taste better, brick oven veggie pizza beats out collard wraps, too. // evie playing a train that i used to play with when i was probably her age… the sound that sucker makes will never die! // cold, rainy days on campus with low fog that makes you super thankful for sunny days ahead.vscocam229 yoga

april was school CRUNCH TIME. many nights my roommates and i would all sit around the kitchen table with out own laptops “studying” and i would often resort to just painting my nails because lets be honest here- you can only study so much stuff about infectious diseases in one night! // i’ve been eating spring rolls. they don’t taste like ice cream either, unfortunately. // my roommate is getting married tomorrow! we bought her this gigantic bowl she wanted so badly from crate and barrel. // i made it an april goal to learn how to do the splits, meaning stretching every day. this was as far as i got before i probably pulled something and put that dream on hold…vscocam230 gulp

yellow mole tacos from taqueria 27. they were….. alright. cool concept, though. //when i go to hailey’s house my favorite part (besides seeing her, of course!) is drinking out of this HUGE big gulp cup KISS cup. it is just the perfect cup i tell you! // i’ve been experimenting with natural beauty products… read: i use baking soda for everything, and it is great for cleaning your face. try it! you just put about 2 teaspoons in your hand, mix enough water to form a paste, then put it all over your face, then rinse it off. // this is some lemon walnut kale pesto i whipped up when i probably should have been studying for something. it made me miss emily scoggin’s pesto skills. vscocam231 test

this, my friends, is what a 7 AM final looks like. the tests are in that envelope. i forgot to write my name on my test and my teacher had to email me like i was in 1st grade again. oy! // i wore these running tights to take a final at the testing center, and the workers told me that i was breaking the rules because “leggings are against the honor code”. can my immodest legs and i graduate yet? // SPRING! i like sunday walks and i like seeing spring colors. i don’t, however, enjoy the putrid stench of the fish trees. // my married pals. i tell ya whatvscocam233 wed

i got rico all tuned up and ready to ride! he is happy. so am i. // kelsey thompson became kelsey nielsen! they’re partying in hawaii right now. i am jealous // the inside of the joseph smith building at temple square. i totally fell asleep waiting in one of the big comfy chairs// say hello to the new mrs. nielsen flanked by her totally awesome single friends.vscocam234 togai got to go to TRADER JOE’S while i was waiting between wedding and festivities, and so i bought some of my favorite things, namely kettle corn, apples, white bean basil hummus, sun dried tomatoes, and some roasted seaweed snacks! seriously, these things… and i don’t want to hear about how gross they look because they’re absolutely delish. // there’s tulips out my front window! this fact basically sealed the deal that this apartment is my favorite place i’ve ever lived. // not every day you see a guy driving a scooter in a toga… // i went to the library and began my summer reading list today. i probably bit off more than i can chew… but whatever. i really can’t wait to dive in.


one of my friends and i went to check out a new thrift store on center street to find this gem: brigham young drinking bourbon. classy. // i have this awful habit of filling up jars with water, then only drinking a little and letting them sit there forever. as you can tell, this was day three of studying// after finals ended i let myself break out the candied almonds my family bought me from spain. oh, they’re delicious. i miss spain! // my car broke down multiple times. cars! i tell ya!

as far as other things, i’m currently…..

reading: well… nothing yet. the closest i came to reading anything this month thanks to finals was text books and twitter feeds. next month will be my shining reading moment 🙂

watching: food network. seriously, chopped is my relaxation tool. also i went to see this really awesome documentary called girl rising. when i think about complaining about school, the realization of just how lucky i am to even have the opportunity to learn smacks me right in the face. 

listening to: this song was my favorite and the video is just great. also,  a lot of NPR and coverage about the boston bombing. seriously, i was hanging onto every single word.

eating: that dang white bean and basil hummus from trader joes. if it isn’t served in heaven then i am not going (good news! i found a copycat recipe HERE!) . also, mighty maple peanut butter from the peanut butter co. and a lot of green smoothies. i like this recipe. also, tempeh. this sandwich with the sun dried tomato pesto is phenomenal.

have a happy may! since school is out i hope i can get around to posting more? (don’t get your hopes up, invisible readers 🙂