january 2018

what a month. it felt more like spring than anything else, but little did we know, snow was coming.

at the beginning of the month we continued our yearly tradition of seeing temple square lights after christmas… like on the day they turn them off. we like to live on the edge. in regards to food, i’m still cooking it up in tiny kitchen. another day, another pizza experiment. if your new years resolution is to eat more salad then i recommend this. also trader joe’s pizza dough is the best around. aaaaand, new year, new glasses. considering that i need them to see and they fall on the ground of hospitals frequently, i needed a cheap upgrade.

one weekend we went snowshoeing with some friends up at alta. it was so beautiful and actually felt like winter, something that we appreciated indeed. they’re getting married in march so it was fun to listen to brit’s wedding planning all while knowing that i won’t ever go through that again. phew.

and, january meant sundance! one of the best parts about living in utah is volunteering during the film festival. there are lots of perks and i just really love park city. this year i was on a theatre crew at the library theatre. that meant i spent my time telling people to follow signs and scoot in to the middle because it was going to be a full house. very fun. adults cannot follow directions. i saw lots of great films and a few big names. aaand i got the coveted volunteer jacket that is a big deal to no one other than sundance volunteers but i still wear it proudly… along with my geeky credential, pictured above. also isn’t thins the most picturesque view out the bathroom window??

mom came for a visit! i love seeing her. we went to settebello and saw the greatest showman. she slept on my couch and every time she has to sleep on that dumb thing i am more motivated to get a bigger place with a real bed for my poor mother. also i helped throw a bridal shower for britni! and i spent way too much time crafting this backdrop and making a banner that i should have just bought but thought i could be the DIY queen for once. it says love at first swipe. don’t worry, no one else got it either. but they met on tinder so at least the party girl thought it was funny!!! and a saturday spent in provo. i feel like such a granny every time i go there and i am among thousands of bright eyed bushy tailed college students. we went to pizza factory and ate carbs on sticks. does it get any better! tyler is modeling said breadstick.

besides that, i worked a lot and got some big news!!!!!

BYU rejected me from their NP program. lol.

i took it hard for a couple days but then decided it just wasn’t in the cards and continuing to work will be good for me and my resume. better days ahead!

we will end with my two best january creations.

my awful rat’s nest hair after working all week and living the bun life right before a good washing, and totchos.

totchos, you ask? tater tots with layers of cheese, beans, and soyrizo. with sour cream and guac. because sometimes you gotta clean out your fridge. try it!!!!!

january 2017

january… sheesh…

it was a good, long, draggy month filled with wedding countdown, throwing money every which way to pay for said wedding, and only a couple meltdowns on my part! it was kind of like clearing a huge hurdle some days, but i did some great things, as made evidence by the following!

here’s some highlights:

HOMESTEAD CRATER! for my sister’s birthday we went swimming in some thermal waters in midway. tyler refused to wear a snorkel but we had a good time! fun time with the sisters and my mom (who couldn’t get in the water because of dumb surgery. UGH next time)

SO MUCH SNOW! ok this isn’t really a highlight after christmas, like, let’s get honest it just gets in the way of life, but we survived it, and it made for a good trip to see the temple lights the night before they were taken down! yes, i live a 5 minute walk away from the lights… but it was actually a better idea because there were probably 10 people there. win.

BRIDAL SHOWER! some of my best friends from my years at byu threw me a great bridal shower. we ate, laughed, opened gifts, and played games. my friend kelsey recorded tyler answering a bunch of questions about our relationship, which was really cute and pretty funny.

TRIP OUT EAST! two weeks before our wedding, i went to see friends in DC and take a final trip to new york before becoming a mrs to see HAMILTON! tickets are generally difficult to snag, so we felt pretty dang lucky to snag these tickets for a saturday matinee last january! haha it seemed so far away when we purchased them! time flies

and now for the good posts! WEDDING TIMES!!!! stay tuned.

december 2016

december was a really good month for so many reasons. christmas (duh) but also i was able to spend a lot of time at home with my family, wedding plan, go to the temple to become endowed, and eat good food, which super important, obviously.

we got the cutest christmas tree on december 1. it was kind of a sadly decorated tree at the beginning, so i strung popcorn and sliced oranges, which made it pretty legit, i might say. and then tyler brought his ornaments from growing up, and then it was really legit.

my mom had surgery on her shoulder during the middle of the month, so i went to be her personal nurse for a week, and go to the temple. it was great. i went to a chinese buffet with my dad and i didn’t die, or worse, get food poisoning. pre-surgery, my mom and sister threw me a bridal shower, i saw some friends, and i got to sit on a comfortable couch for a week! it was great. poor tyler had to go back to work… and finish school… and tow my car to california to get fixed while i was gone, so i’m sure you are wondering who had the more relaxing week!

for christmas, we went to boise for about, 12 hours. i had to work christmas eve night, so we left at noon christmas day and were there that night, given all the snow and treacherous roads. i’m over winter. it was a great christmas, though. we celebrated early, as seen here with some cheesy pajama tree christmas shots and presents.

new years eve i was supposed to work, but i got a surprise day off! we got thai food, saw manchester by the sea, and fell asleep by 11:30. party animals!


march was a huge month of change, in a multitude of ways, but mostly because i drove thousands of miles across the country to my new home in utah, with my dear hailey clements at my side. hailey, you’re a true pal. in all honestly, the trip was a blur. driving all day, stopping over in a tiny, usually laughably pathetic cheap hotel at night, and then doing it all again the next day. don’t get me wrong, the trip was great and the company was even better, but man… i was excited to get out of that tiny hyundai accent after at least forty hours clocked inside. did i mention it didn’t have cruise control? LOL

we stopped over in philadelphia, cleveland, chicago, and cheyenne. it was a blurry blast.

i wrote captions under each photo if you were like, “what the hell is this a photo of and what is its significance.”

in other news, HEY UTAH, you and me are gonna be friends… or at least cordial roommates.





it is now unapologetically 2016

i came back. i now live in utah. i don’t have a valid utah driver’s license. i work three days, which means that if  you do the math, then have four days off a week. honestly, it is jarring to have this kind of leisure time. i have not had this much free time since i was fifteen years old! i know, POOR ME.

anyway, i’ve got things to talk about so let’s get this ball rolling.

in january i went home to idaho for the month in order to prepare for my nursing boards, which went well, thank the heavens above. living at home was great. i would wake up and study for 8-9 hours a day, then go to yoga, take a walk with my parents, eat dinner, watch movies, read books, and let’s be honest, find myself on instagram in the middle of the night neck deep in feeds i had no idea how i had found? will someone take my phone, please?

anyway, this is what time in idaho looked like.

when mom came to town

amid studying and trying to finish out the semester, mom came to dc for a weekend for my nursing school pinning. since i am a really great tour guide, we hit all the great stuff we didn’t get to do when she was here in the spring  with my dad…. because if you recall, my dad isn’t really into shopping, art, or cupcakes. so this time around, we went whole hog! left nothing out! so here’s some pics and everything we did.


thursday night, we went to see the lights at the dc temple and got “redirected” when we tried to look at the nativities backwards. mormons and their rules! geez! afterwards we went to thai x-ing for dinner, which is one of the best meals i’ve ever eaten. and mom loved it! operations “get kris ball to eat curry and like it” was a success. then we went to the zoo to see the zoolights, only it was almost over and there was a beer fest going on? huh? anyway we rode an intertube down a grass hill and then went home.

friday i had to go to school, so we went to founding farmers for breakfast, and then mom went to do her own exploring. we met up after class in georgetown and went to sprinkles, and don’t let the cuteness fool you, baked and wired is about one thousand times more satisfying. we shopped around georgetown some, then went to 2 amys for the BEST pizza this city has to offer. afterwards we went home to get fancy, then went to kennedy center to see the national symphony perform with the one and only ben folds! it was great.

saturday was pinning day! after pinning we took advantage of the amazing weather and walked down to the white house for lunch at old ebbitt grill followed by a tour of the wonder exhibit at the renwick gallery. we then hopped across the river to alexandria for boat lights and shopping around alexandria. we ended up sneaking into a boat club party in order to get a better view of the lights… you know, since we are rebels. i introduced mom to the deliciousness that is ted’s bulletin grilled cheese, and then rolled home in a cheese-induced food coma.

sunday mom’s flight took off pretty early, and just as fast as the trip had come, it was over. guess that means it is time to plan another trip? yeah?

mom and dad do DC

they came, they saw, i bossed them around, mostly.Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

bill and kris came over for my spring break from the west coast. it snowed the day before they showed up (lol) so spring break was a term used lightly. here’s the thing about the east coast i am learning- the winter is slow to start, but then she is a professional at the “linger longer”. like, linger forever. she’s that awkward friend that doesn’t get social cues as when to leave your house because it is 12 am and you really want to shower and do your laundry, but she is still sitting on your couch. whatever, winter. whatever.

we went to the national botanic garden because i am weirdly obsessed with it…. but it is ok because evidently the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.


speaking of apples not falling far from the tree, billy ball and i could be twins.  Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset

my mom was in teacher heaven.Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

i took them to dinner at founding farmers where we ate everything. my dad, however, made it a point to tell me that he likes jiffy cornbread better than the stuff we cook up there. heresy. heresy!

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

the next day i had to work, so they played tourist alone, and i just stole all their pictures.Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

why are they so weirdly small? i don’t know. and then we got pizza and gelato because DUH.Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

the following day we had a proper sunday brunch at farmers fishers bakers. we ate all the food and didn’t look back. my dad was super into the shrimp cocktail, mom was a fan of the french toast. i was a fan of coaching them through the process and telling them everything to eat. IMG_4641

one of my proudest moments during this trip was when my dad complimented my shoes. my shoes! he liked my docs and wanted some for himself, so we marched right up to the dr. martens store and he bought his own. twins!

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

at the monuments, dads be shoppin, etc. IMG_0023

martin luther king jr. memorial realness.  Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

i told her to sit on fdr’s lap, but she was afraid of the park rangers.Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset

we went around georgetown, which, at this time of year, thankfully doesn’t smell like garbage and fish. silver linings! also,     Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

i was stoked to take my parents up to baked and wired, but this is how dad felt about waiting in line for a four dollar cupcake. unimpressed.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

i made them pretend to be having a good time. for posterity and stuff. IMG_4660

anyway, delightful times in dc. next stop, new york, new york.  Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset